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Creating a personalized exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle program with your specific needs in mind.

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What Makes Brandi an Innovative Health and Fitness Expert?

Brandi is more than just a trainer.  She has extensive knowledge on how the body functions and takes an integrative approach to all her programming.  Whether it is identifying muscle imbalances, the "why" behind chronic inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, or behavior modifications, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and fitness goals.  She is excited to get you started on a healthier path as well.  Check out her testimonials below on how she has helped others.


What People Say

Liz O

“I have trained with Brandi for over 16 years. During that time, she has kept me motivated and on-track with my fitness goals with ever-changing class formats and routines. She has helped me rehab from injuries, rebound from pregnancy, and transformed my body (and life!) with her weight loss/workout program. She is so knowledgeable about nutrition, sport physiology, and anatomy. And I really appreciate that she is always actively learning and sharing new fitness techniques and nutrition with her classes. She always gives 100% to her classes and clients. I think anyone would be lucky to train with her!”

Katie H

“I have been working with Brandi for about a year and she is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with. She has a great deal of knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology, mobility, and nutrition. I started training with Brandi after a spine surgery, and she has helped me progress from basic rehab back to sport activities. She played a vital role in my rehab. I continue to train with her weekly and always know she will put together a great workout! She is professional, reliable, and just a pleasure to be around!”

Karen G

“Brandi has been a part of my fitness routine and health journey for many years—both directly and indirectly. Brandi's work ethic and commitment to fitness and health is very inspirational. She is constantly working on classes and programs to encourage and challenge. Just watching her commitment makes it easier to continue to pursue my own fitness goals. When working with Brandi directly, she is extremely prepared and works to customize a program that is individualized and personal for the needs of the client. Brandi is dedicated to consistently learning and perfecting her own knowledge and skills to better share with others!”

Stephanie E

“Brandi is the best! Upon completing the 8 week “Body Transformation” program back in 2019, I knew that I didn’t want to stop working with her. I’ve continued working out with Brandi 3 days a week because she has literally helped changed my life. She makes workouts fun, challenging, and I’ve gotten so strong and healthy over the last year and a half. Brandi is a true professional who puts her client’s safety and health above all else. She will give you a tough workout and genuinely care about you and your goals.”

Tracey H

“Brandi's expertise and ability to assemble full body workout plans that is beneficial for all body types and abilities amazes me. It is evident that she is passionate about helping others achieve all of the elements necessary to have the most functional body possible through her continued drive to educate herself and others whether it be through nutrition, complete body transformation, or training for athletes. Personally speaking, after a workout with Brandi, I feel energized and know my body has been properly tested to ensure all large and small muscles were properly worked as I continue to gain strength and overall wellness into my late 50s.”

Kim L

“I would recommend Brandi to anyone regardless of what kind of shape you're in or how much experience you have working out. Brandi is an amazing personal trainer. She listens, pays close attention, and knows what you need even before you do!! I leave Brandi's sessions feeling educated, energized, and satisfyingly sore - which is exactly what a personal trainer should do! I can't recommend her enough.”

Matt G

“I have been working with Brandi for over 5 years now. Her workout programs are put together with great thought to ensure you hit all aspects, i.e. upper body, lower body and core. I love how she varies her workouts up with functional movements to keep challenging me and ultimately improving my fitness. I am in the best shape of my life in my 40s and that's in big part thanks to her programs. Working out with her has helped me feel strong in my running, mountain biking, and even golf. She's easily the best when it comes to personal training, and I would recommend her highly to anyone that wants to invest in their physical fitness and well-being.”

Larry M

“I’ve known and trained with Brandi Ohlsen for 15 years. Brandi is knowledgeable and committed to her clients. She has helped me to recover from injury and guided my personal fitness expertly. I highly recommend Brandi Ohlsen as a personal trainer.”

Kathy and Brad R

“My husband and I, both in our 70s, trained with Brandi at Columbia Fitness for several years, and we both greatly benefited from her skills. Besides being an impressive athlete, she is able to transfer her knowledge to her clients' specific bodies, health, and age. She found the right pace for us—enough to push us to improve—without suffering any setbacks. Her skills include nutrition, natural remedies, and rehab, and she is highly regarded by other fitness and PT professionals in our community. We feel so fortunate to have found Brandi. She has made such a difference in our fitness level. Besides that, she is a delight to work with, cheerful and upbeat, and she is genuinely delighted when her clients make progress.”

Laura B

“I have trained with Brandi for over 10 years. The devotion and energy she invests into her individual and small group training is no small feat. She is dedicated to her continued education. Over the years, I have worked with Brandi for training, joint therapy, and myofascial release. I am grateful for her expertise.”

Sheri P

“Brandi is the most knowledgeable fitness and nutrition professional I have the pleasure of working with. As a client for 12 years, I can't say enough about her vast skills and expertise. I've taken a variety of her classes from spin, Pilates, gravity, weights, and more and am amazed at her ability to adapt to fitness levels of all participants. She's also an incredible resource for sport training, injuries, and rehabilitation. I can't say enough about what a wonderful and caring professional and individual she is!”

Vlada H

“I have been going to Brandi’s custom workouts for the last 12 years and my body has never looked better! Brandi is very creative with designing her workouts. Every single one is different. She pushes you to your limits without being aggressive. I truly think Brandi is the most talented trainer I have ever met and her people skills are phenomenal.”

Charlie V

“I highly recommend Brandi’s training programs. After having my back surgery last October, I worked with Brandi. I’m not only recovered and I feel even stronger than before. She helped me understand my diet, which turned into better work out sessions. She also pinpoints your need according to your body conditions. I have achieved more than I expected from her programs.”

Cheryl B

“Brandi is always willing to adjust our workouts to accommodate any health issues or injuries. She continues to educate herself on exercise and health issues to keep up with the latest advancements.”

John P

“Brandi is great! I have been training weekly with Brandi for numerous years resulting in a strong, flexible body and good health. I have had other personal trainers over the years; however, Brandi is by far the best! She is professionally qualified, smart, perceptive, and totally dedicated to making healthier lives. I highly recommend Brandi.”

Chelle N

“For the last 10 years, while I have been a member of Columbia Athletic Club in Kirkland, Brandi has led weekly, small group workouts, which have been highly productive and beneficial to my physical health and strength. She focuses on core, balance, and strength and is always changing and customizing the workouts so that they remain effective. I always looked forward to our class! While our club was closed, she offered Zoom workouts that have allowed me to keep moving and stay fit at home. Though I was skeptical, I've been very impressed with these online workouts and think she may even have me working harder than before! I appreciate a trainer who really knows how our bodies work and the most effective and time-efficient way to keep us fit. Thanks, Brandi!!”

Mark H

“Brandi's regimen of myofascial release, stretching, and strengthening exercises helped me recover from a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis. When I started, my first steps every morning were painful and I couldn't walk to the car without limping. Six months later, I was able to backpack 50 miles thru the Grand Canyon! Thank you Brandi!!!”

Mark H

“With Brandi's nutritional advice and guidance, I lowered my cholesterol below 200 and lost 15 pounds. All through diet and with no medication. I feel healthier and have more energy all day long. Those middle aisles in the grocery store may miss me, but I don't miss them!”


Highly Skilled and Qualified

When I was younger, I competed in various sports competitions and developed an interest in health and wellness. I decided to acquire a bachelor’s degree in health education as well as sports medicine. Afterward, I got a master’s degree in exercise and sports science. Rest easy knowing that I have what it takes to boost your health and build your confidence.

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